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It works like this

a I have a new client

  • Before you begin work, invite them to Join Our Club.
  • If they agree, then you can feel safe knowing that you are dealing with an ethical business.
  • When you send your invoice, use our platform to gently remind them to pay.
  • When they pay, reward them by giving them a great rating!
b I have a client that is not paying

  • If you have an invoice outstanding, please don’t contact a lawyer (yet). This will ruin your relationship.
  • Use our platform to gently remind your client and resolve the dispute right here in The Club.
  • If the client resists, they will get a poor reputation on our site. If you wish, you can ask The Club to initiate an Intervention.
c I always pay my bills

  • If you are a good payer, then ask your suppliers to join Our Club.
  • When they join, they will give you a great rating! This rating will be displayed for all to see.

So easy!

1. Choose a letter from our various templates. The Club will gently send it to your client on your behalf.

2. A simple interface allows both parties to discuss the invoice confidentially:

3. Give your client a rating, like this:

4. Your client pays you directly. We don’t take commission or handle any money.

5. If they don’t pay, Our Club can formally intervene on your behalf.

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